Aura Bora creates herbal sparkling waters using real herbs, fruits, and flowers for a unique, all-natural taste experience. Focusing on sustainability, the company offers a range of flavors inspired by the Earth's natural landscapes, aiming to provide a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional sodas and flavored waters.

Aura Bora
Food & Beverage
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About the company

Aura Bora is an innovative beverage company that has redefined the concept of sparkling water by infusing it with real herbs, fruits, and flowers. With a commitment to sustainability and natural wellness, the company crafts a unique range of flavors that are inspired by various Earthly landscapes, from forests to deserts. Each can of Aurabora sparkling water serves as a healthier and more eco-conscious alternative to traditional sodas and artificially flavored waters. By focusing on all-natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, Aurabora not only offers a refreshing and guilt-free beverage choice but also aligns itself with a growing consumer demand for products that contribute positively to both individual well-being and environmental sustainability.

Why We Invested

Sparkling waters often rely on artificial flavors and unsustainable packaging, which do not meet the growing consumer demand for health-conscious and environmentally friendly products. Aura Bora has revolutionized this space by infusing sparkling water with real herbs, fruits, and flowers, offering a range of flavors that draw inspiration from Earth’s diverse landscapes. This approach not only enhances the consumer experience with natural, guilt-free flavors but also adheres to sustainable practices in production and packaging.

Many existing sparkling waters fail to provide a truly healthy alternative to sodas, as they often contain artificial additives or lack engaging flavors. Aura Bora’s commitment to using only natural ingredients and focusing on eco-conscious packaging solutions presents a compelling alternative that aligns with modern preferences for products that support both personal health and environmental sustainability.

By investing in Aura Bora, we support a company that stands at the forefront of a shift towards more sustainable and health-focused beverage options. Aura Bora exemplifies our investment ethos by delivering innovative products that respond to consumer needs for wellness and sustainability, making it an essential addition to our portfolio focused on advancing healthier lifestyle choices.