We invest in promising talent and their ideas

Going beyond venture capital to guide founders from an idea to a viable business — helping navigate bumps along the way.

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About Seaside

From our time as founders in the entrepreneurial community, we've noticed a common theme. Many first-time founders are exceptionally smart and hardworking. However, they often lack the operational know-how to transition from an idea to a go-to-market-ready product or service.

Seaside works hand-in-hand with our founders, imparting knowledge and operational assistance to help our portfolio companies bridge the gap.

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Our approach



We take the time to learn about who you are as a founder, what your idea and vision is, what are the challenges, and how can we help.



We spend time researching the target demographic, the market landscape, emerging competition, and the long-term potential of your vision.



After deciding to move forward, we enter into state of deep due diligence with our founders. We check all of the boxes and ensure there are no red flags.



Welcome  to the Seaside Family! We're a group of founders, operators, investors, and advisors who work tirelessly to ensure your success.

Our approach

Seaside is a community of passionate entrepreneurs helping each other  succeed. This includes our founders, advisors, LPs, and our broader network. When you work with Seaside, you work with all of us.




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Industries we invest in

We believe that society is deteriorating on the individual level due to declines in physical and mental health. We're interested in products and services that help people extract the fullest potential out of their lives by being as mentally and physically healthy as possible, enabling everyone to maximize their happiness, energy, productivity, creativity, etc.

Health & Wellness

We're interested in the next wave of health & wellness startups that will make meaningful progress to unlocking human potential. This includes anti-aging, men's fertility, psychedelic medicine, data gateways & consolidators, sleep hygiene, direct-to-patient healthcare, personalized nutrition, & much more.

Food & Beverage

We're interested in products that will revolutionize the food & beverage space, specifically in the following categories: better-for-you intoxication, transparency platforms, immune-boosting foods, insect-based proteins, the future of agriculture, distribution of food & beverages, and more.

The Outdoors

The outdoors are fundamental to the human experience. They bring us peace of mind, the ability to reset and relax, and are essential elements of our mental and physical health. We love getting outside and want to help society enjoy it as well.

Our team

We're a small team that provides a lot of value. We look forward to getting to know you soon.