Fueling the Future of Health & Wellness Innovation

Going beyond venture capital to guide health & wellness industry founders from an idea to a viable business.

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About Seaside

Seaside Ventures is a cutting-edge startup platform with a hyper-focus on incubating, launching, and scaling the most promising ideas exclusively within the health and wellness industry.

By offering a comprehensive ecosystem of resources, expert guidance, and access to a network of industry-specific mentors and partners, Seaside Ventures propels startups from ideation to scalable success. Seaside Ventures is revolutionizing how health and wellness startups launch and make a lasting impact through our proven process and deep expertise.

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Empowering Portfolio Success



We equip our portfolio companies with strong business fundamentals, emphasizing effective strategies, scalable operations, and sound financial management. By prioritizing differentiated value and iterative product development, we guide startups towards achieving robust product-market fit for sustainable growth.



We collaborate closely with entrepreneurs to refine value propositions, identify target customer segments, and create tailored marketing and distribution plans, leveraging our industry expertise and resources to ensure successful market entry and customer engagement.



Beyond the launch phase, our dedicated team of managing partners, advisors, and operating partners work closely with founders, leveraging industry knowledge and networks to drive growth, secure partnerships, access distribution channels, and optimize customer acquisition strategies.



We help our portfolio companies gain PR and publicity, recognizing its vital role in driving sales, establishing a strong brand presence, attracting investors, and recruiting top talent. By executing well-rounded PR and publicity strategies, we empower our portfolio companies to stand out, amplify their message, and achieve their business objectives.


Ignite Your Journey with Seaside: A Thriving Community of Passionate Entrepreneurs, Founders, Advisors, LPs, and an Extensive Network Collaborating for Collective Success. When You Choose Seaside, You Choose the Power of Community and Collaboration.




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Fueling Growth Across Diverse Markets

We invest in and support the best companies, whether they are developing innovative physical products, pioneering technology-enabled services, targeting consumer-facing markets, or catering to business-facing industries, we are here to fuel their growth. Our goal is to identify exceptional entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas and provide them with the resources, mentorship, and network they need to thrive. We believe in the power of diversity and innovation across all facets of the health & wellness landscape, and we are dedicated to helping these companies create a lasting impact in their respective markets.

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Physical Products

We seek out companies that are pushing the boundaries of product design, functionality, and sustainability. We work closely with entrepreneurs to refine their product offerings, optimize manufacturing processes, and establish distribution channels, ensuring that these physical products not only meet customer needs but also have the potential to disrupt and shape the future of the health and wellness market.

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Technology-Enabled Services

We actively invest in pioneering technology-enabled services that leverage technology to create scalable and impactful solutions, such as digital health platforms, telemedicine services, AI-driven diagnostics, and personalized wellness applications. By supporting entrepreneurs in this space, we aim to enable them to harness the power of technology to transform the delivery of healthcare, enhance access to wellness services, and improve overall patient outcomes.

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Cosumer Facing

Whether it's direct-to-consumer brands, wellness apps, fitness platforms, or subscription-based services, we support entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating meaningful connections with their target audience and driving positive behavior change.

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Business Facing

By focusing on this segment, we aim to drive innovation and efficiency across the health & wellness ecosystem, enabling businesses to enhance their operations, streamline processes, improve customer outcomes, and reduce costs.

Our Partners

A dedicated partnership of health & wellness industry operators guiding your success.