Fueling the Future of Health & Wellness

Backing innovations that enhance health, boost happiness, and elevate quality of life.

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About Seaside

We're pioneering the future of consumer health technology. Positioned within the vast $4 trillion healthcare market, we're investing in emerging technologies to address longstanding health challenges, transforming everyday lives.

Our mission? To elevate the mental and physical well-being of over a billion people globally, ensuring our portfolio's products and services become integral to enhancing their quality of life.

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We're not just investors; we're your strategic partners in scaling impact. Our focus is on products and services that improve quality of life by maximizing mental and physical health.




Strategic Partners


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Discover the future of health and wellness through our carefully curated portfolio, where each investment reflects our commitment to revolutionizing quality of life with cutting-edge solutions.

Our Partners

By offering a ecosystem of resources, expert guidance, and access to a network of industry-specific partners, we propel startups from ideation to scalable success.

Empowering Portfolio Success



We equip our portfolio with strong business fundamentals, emphasizing effective strategies, scalable operations, and sound financial management. By prioritizing differentiated value and iterative product development, we guide startups towards achieving robust product-market fit for sustainable growth.



We collaborate with founders to refine value propositions, identify target customer segments, and create tailored marketing and distribution plans, leveraging our industry expertise and resources to ensure successful market entry and customer engagement.



Beyond the launch phase, our dedicated team of partners and work closely with founders, leveraging industry knowledge and networks to drive growth, secure partnerships, access distribution channels, and optimize customer acquisition strategies.



We help our portfolio companies gain publicity, recognizing its vital role in driving sales, establishing brand presence, attracting investors, and recruiting top talent. By executing well-rounded PR strategies, we empower our portfolio to stand out, amplify their message, and achieve their objectives.