The Seaside Syndicate allows our broader network to co-invest alongside us. Whether it's an early-stage deal (family & friends, pre-seed, or seed) that we will also invest in out of Fund I or a more mature company (Series A and beyond), The Seaside Syndicate enables you to leverage our exclusive access into vetted opportunities.

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How It Works


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The Seaside Syndicate is an exclusive investment club for accredited investors.


Let Us Source Deals

We're regularly sourcing the best-of-the-best deals on the market. We're on track to see over 850 deals this year, and we hope to share those with you.


Check Your Email

When we have a deal we believe in, we'll email it to you. Our hope is that when you see an email from The Seaside Syndicate, you'll know that when you open the curated email, you're more likely to invest in the deal than not.


Review & Decide

Just because we've sourced a deal doesn't mean it is the right deal for you. Spend some time reviewing the materials, join our roundtable discussions, and make your decision in a timely fashion.


Complete Investment

Once you've decided to write a check, we'll circulate DocuSign documents, collect your investment, and complete the investment through our SPV. After that, expect regular updates on how your investment is doing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I invest in your deals?

Potentially. Our network is invite-only, and only available for accredited investors. If you're an accredited investor, reach out to us here.


How do you structure your deals?

Through The Seaside Syndicate, we invest directly onto the cap tables of companies using SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles). We set up these entities for the sole purpose of investing in that specific deal.


How many deals does The Seaside Syndicate invest in?

Our goal is to put together 8-12 investments per year through The Seaside Syndicate. If you join The Seaside Syndicate, you're not required to participate in any deals, and we will only share deals with you that match your interest. Our goal is to deploy between $500k and $5m into each deal through the syndicate.


Why open up your deals? 

We have always let our LPs (Limited Partners) invest in our deals. However, we've decided to open this up to our exclusive network so we can write larger checks into these innovative and industry creating companies.


What types of companies will The Syndicate invest in?

Feel free to checkout our portfolio page to learn more about the companies we invest in!