Cove is a material innovation company on a mission to end plastic pollution, starting with the world's first fully biodegradable water bottle made from PHA.

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About the company

Cove is a material innovation company developing the first biodegradable water bottle. A million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute and half the plastics we produce are for single-use packaging. Cove has changed that by launching the world's first truly biodegradable water bottle. Cove developed the world’s first biodegradable water bottle made of PHA — a plastic alternative produced by living organisms found in the ocean, plants, and even the human body. PHA is biodegradable, naturally-occurring, and produces zero toxic waste as it breaks down. To Cove, material innovation involves extensive research and development to reinvent the way products are made, used and discarded.

Why We Invested

The environmental impact of single-use plastics, particularly in the beverage industry, is profound, with millions of plastic bottles discarded every minute, contributing significantly to global pollution. Cove is addressing this critical issue head-on by introducing the world's first biodegradable water bottle made from PHA—a material that not only decomposes naturally but also leaves no toxic residues.

Traditional plastic bottles, made from petrochemicals, persist in the environment for centuries and are a major source of ocean and landfill waste. Cove's use of PHA, derived from benign sources, represents a groundbreaking shift towards sustainable packaging. This innovation aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting companies that prioritize ecological responsibility alongside consumer needs.

By investing in Cove, we are not just funding a company but supporting a paradigm shift in materials science. Cove's approach to rethinking how products are made and disposed of offers a scalable solution to one of the world's most pressing environmental challenges, marking a significant step towards our goal of fostering sustainable practices across industries.