Flaus is revolutionizing oral care with its eco-friendly, electric flosser that makes flossing as quick and easy as brushing your teeth. Designed with sustainability in mind, the device uses 95% less floss and is made with recyclable plastic, offering a modern solution to a centuries-old practice.

Oral Hygiene
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About the company

Flaus is pioneering a new era in oral care with its world's first eco-friendly, electric flosser that combines sonic vibrations with real dental floss for a quick and efficient flossing experience. Designed to be as user-friendly as an electric toothbrush, Flaus not only makes flossing five times faster but also significantly reduces waste by using 95% less floss and recyclable plastic components. The company's mission extends beyond just oral hygiene; it aims to make flossing a sustainable and enjoyable daily habit, thereby contributing to overall health and well-being.

Why We Invested

Traditional oral care has long been limited by manual techniques that can be inefficient and environmentally detrimental. Flaus disrupts this norm with its eco-friendly, electric flosser that revolutionizes the flossing process. This device leverages sonic vibrations combined with real dental floss to deliver a flossing experience that is not only five times faster but also significantly reduces waste, aligning with our values of sustainability and innovation in healthcare products.

Most existing flossing solutions fail to address the environmental impact of single-use plastics and inefficiency in dental hygiene practices. Flaus offers an answer with its design that uses 95% less floss and incorporates recyclable components. This commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency in oral hygiene enhances user engagement and promotes better health outcomes.

By investing in Flaus, we support a transformation in dental care that makes daily flossing quicker, more enjoyable, and environmentally responsible. Flaus is leading the charge in making oral hygiene practices both sustainable and effective, reflecting our dedication to backing innovations that prioritize both health and the planet.