Leilo is a functional beverage industry, offering "calm in a can" through its unique blend of Kava and L-theanine. Engineered to reduce daily stressors and promote relaxation without sacrificing focus, Leilo provides a healthy, non-addictive alternative to traditional stress-coping mechanisms, making it a standout in the booming market for beverages with functional effects.

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About the company

Leilo is revolutionizing the functional beverage market with its unique offering of "calm in a can," a meticulously crafted blend of kava and l-theanine. Designed to counterbalance the stress-inducing effects of caffeine and other stimulants, Leilo's beverages are engineered to alleviate daily stressors while promoting a state of focused relaxation. The company has leveraged cutting-edge science and proprietary formulations to make kava palatable and effective, overcoming the traditional challenges associated with this ancient root. With a commitment to all-natural ingredients and a non-addictive formula, Leilo provides a compelling alternative to conventional stress-coping mechanisms. Its beverages are not just a product but a holistic solution aimed at de-stressing a stressed-out world, making it a perfect fit for consumers seeking healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Why We Invested

In a market crowded with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that often lack health benefits or even contribute to stress, Leilo offers a unique and beneficial alternative. Its innovative beverages provide a natural way to unwind, distinctly combining kava and l-theanine to counterbalance daily stressors and promote focused relaxation. Unlike non-alcoholic beers or traditional relaxants that may not deliver functional benefits, Leilo's formula actively aids in reducing stress, making it an ideal choice for consumers seeking healthier ways to relax.

The rising consumer interest in alcohol alternatives highlights a significant demand for beverages that not only mimic the social ritual of drinking but also offer tangible wellness benefits. Leilo stands out by meeting this need with a non-addictive, all-natural option that enhances mood and mental clarity without the negative effects associated with alcohol consumption.

By investing in Leilo, we are endorsing a shift towards beverages that support both social enjoyment and physical well-being. Leilo is not just an alternative to alcoholic drinks; it's a pioneer in a new category of functional beverages designed to improve quality of life through scientifically backed, stress-reducing ingredients.