Leilo is a functional beverage industry, offering "calm in a can" through its unique blend of Kava and L-theanine. Engineered to reduce daily stressors and promote relaxation without sacrificing focus, Leilo provides a healthy, non-addictive alternative to traditional stress-coping mechanisms, making it a standout in the booming market for beverages with functional effects.

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About the company

Leilo is revolutionizing the functional beverage market with its unique offering of "calm in a can," a meticulously crafted blend of kava and l-theanine. Designed to counterbalance the stress-inducing effects of caffeine and other stimulants, Leilo's beverages are engineered to alleviate daily stressors while promoting a state of focused relaxation. The company has leveraged cutting-edge science and proprietary formulations to make kava palatable and effective, overcoming the traditional challenges associated with this ancient root. With a commitment to all-natural ingredients and a non-addictive formula, Leilo provides a compelling alternative to conventional stress-coping mechanisms. Its beverages are not just a product but a holistic solution aimed at de-stressing a stressed-out world, making it a perfect fit for consumers seeking healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices.