Pangea Bio discovers and develops novel medicines to treat neurological disorders using AI to uncover promising molecules from nature’s diverse chemical space, enhanced by traditional human evidence of safety and efficacy.

Pangea Bio
Drug Discovery
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About the company

Pangea Bio is a biotechnology research firm specializing in the discovery and development of novel medicines for neurological disorders. Leveraging AI and ethnobotanical wisdom, the company identifies and develops therapeutics using naturally occurring compounds. Their unique approach not only accelerates drug development but also preserves traditional remedies and ecosystems. With a focus on safety and efficacy, Pangea Botanica is revolutionizing healthcare by tapping into nature's vast chemical diversity.

Why We Invested

The traditional pharmaceutical industry often faces significant challenges in developing neurological disorder treatments, including lengthy development times and frequent inefficacies. Pangea Bio stands out by integrating AI with ethnobotanical practices to rapidly identify and develop therapeutics from naturally occurring compounds. This approach not only speeds up the drug discovery process but also harnesses the therapeutic potential of biodiversity while preserving it.

Most current methods in neurological treatment development are slow and costly, with a high rate of clinical failure. Pangea Bio's strategy offers a groundbreaking alternative by efficiently tapping into a vast, underutilized reservoir of natural compounds that have evolved over millennia for specific biological functions.

By investing in Pangea Bio, we are supporting a paradigm shift in how neurological treatments are developed. This investment aligns with our commitment to backing innovative solutions that enhance healthcare outcomes, respect ecological balance, and revitalize ancient knowledge through modern technology.