Plan A will finally bring non-hormonal, long-lasting, and fully reversible male contraception to the world.

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About the company

Plan A™ will finally bring non-hormonal, long-lasting, and reversible male contraception to the world.

The Plan A™ design utilizes Vasalgel® - a proprietary hydrogel that stops the flow of sperm through the vas deferens, the tubes that transport sperm. Instead of permanently cutting the vas deferens, as in a vasectomy, the hydrogel acts as a flexible filter that blocks the flow of sperm.

This design allows for Vasalgel® to then be removed on-demand and flushed out of the vas throule follow-up clinic visit - restoring the previous flow of sperm for the patient.

Why We Invested

Existing male contraceptive methods are often irreversible or hormonally based, presenting significant drawbacks in terms of flexibility and long-term impact on health. Plan A™ challenges these limitations by providing a non-hormonal and reversible option, marking a significant shift towards improved user control and health outcomes.

The shortcomings of current methods, such as the permanence of vasectomies and the health risks associated with hormonal treatments, underscore the urgent need for innovative solutions like Plan A™. This approach aligns with our commitment to investing in technologies that revolutionize outdated practices and empower users with better health management tools.

By investing in Plan A™, we are endorsing a future where male contraception is as manageable and reversible as female methods, ensuring equitable options in family planning.