Superpower is redefining healthcare with the world’s most advanced digital clinic, focusing on prevention, performance, and longevity.

Medicine 3.0
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About the company

Superpower is crafting the future of medicine with its comprehensive digital health platform. Designed to transform the traditional healthcare system into a proactive, data-driven model—Medicine 3.0—Superpower is setting new standards for healthcare efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness. It serves as the world's first health platform that seamlessly follows you across geographies, employers, health plans, and life stages, establishing itself as a true lifelong health partner.

With the mission to empower everyone to live better, longer, and to treat illnesses earlier than ever before, Superpower enables individuals to feel like the best version of themselves every day. It aims to make well-being a fundamental right, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to reach their peak potential. By delivering the full power of a preventative medical team at a fraction of the cost and with exponential convenience, all accessible through your smartphone, Superpower is not just a healthcare platform—it's a movement towards a world where optimal health and peak performance are universally attainable.

Why We Invested

Traditional healthcare systems often fall short in proactivity and personalization, failing to keep pace with the dynamic needs of global populations. Superpower directly addresses these gaps with its digital health platform, Medicine 3.0, which redefines healthcare delivery through data-driven insights and universal accessibility.

The prevalent reactive approach in healthcare leads to delayed treatments and escalated healthcare costs. Superpower's platform changes this paradigm by enabling early illness treatment and continuous health management, which are critical in today's fast-paced, diverse lifestyle environments.

Our investment in Superpower underscores our commitment to transformative solutions that not only improve health outcomes but also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. By supporting a platform that makes well-being accessible and affordable, we are investing in a future where optimal health and peak performance are within everyone's reach.