ZBiotics, the creator of the world's first genetically engineered probiotic, offers innovative solutions for modern living.

Engineered Probiotics
Series A

About the company

Founded by Zack Abbott, Ph.D., a visionary in the field of microbiology, ZBiotics introduces a new era in health technology. Driven by the immense potential of genetically engineered probiotics, ZBiotics has developed its first product aimed at enhancing life's quality by addressing one of modern life's common challenges: feeling better after consuming alcohol.

Utilizing patented technology, ZBiotics is pioneering a novel category of biotech products designed to support our bodies' adaptation to contemporary lifestyles. At the heart of ZBiotics' mission is a commitment to transparency, responsibility, and a people-first approach to genetic engineering. By bridging the gap between cutting-edge science and everyday needs, ZBiotics not only innovates on the product level but also sets new standards for ethical and consumer-focused biotechnological development.

Why We Invested

Many current health technologies fail to address the specific and evolving challenges of modern lifestyles. ZBiotics leverages innovative work in genetically engineered probiotics to provide solutions tailored to contemporary health needs. By utilizing patented technology, ZBiotics pioneers a new category of biotech products that directly support lifestyle adaptations, enhancing overall life quality effectively and safely.

Traditional health solutions are often generic and not personalized to individual lifestyle choices. ZBiotics breaks this mold by offering products that cater specifically to modern health concerns, backed by a firm commitment to transparency and ethical genetic engineering practices. Their approach ensures that cutting-edge science is applied responsibly, focusing on real-world applications that improve daily well-being.By investing in ZBiotics, we are endorsing a company that sets new standards in biotechnological development. Their consumer-focused, ethical approach to creating genetically engineered products aligns perfectly with our mission to support innovative and responsible health solutions. ZBiotics exemplifies the kind of forward-thinking and integrity we seek in our portfolio companies, making a significant impact on everyday health challenges.